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“You couldn’t ask for a better teacher and guide through the process.”

“As a frequent guest on Doug’s show, I can attest to both his professionalism as an interviewer and his clear knowledge of the in’s and out’s of producing quality programs. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher and guide through the process.”

Dennis Palumbo
Licensed Psychotherapist and Award-Winning Author
(Screenwriter, Welcome Back Kotter & My Favorite Year)

“It really works!”

“I’ve been following the stuff Doug says to do. It really works! He’s an amazing host and his shows have lots and lots of value.”

Terri Levine
Bestselling Author
Worldwide Leading Executive and Business Coach

“Within 24 hours, my show was on iTunes’ New and Noteworthy”

“When I started the book proposal process, I realized I needed a much larger following to get publishers to take notice of me and my message. I knew a podcast would be a great way to spread my message and reach a broader audience, but launching a podcast that people would actually listen to seemed like a near impossible task. I didn’t know where to even start. Enter: Doug Foresta. Doug guided me through every step of the process. Together we crafted the right podcast format for my goals, brushed up my radio skills, navigated all the technical ins and outs of podcast recording, hosting, and publishing, implemented a killer marketing strategy, and launched Roller Derby for the Soul on iTunes. Within 24 hours, my show was on iTunes’ New and Noteworthy and it’s still climbing to the top! And bonus – turns out that I LOVE podcasting! Who knew?! Thank you, Doug!”

Coach Jennie
The Audacity Coach

“My listening numbers grow week by week (2,000+ a day at the moment)”

“I highly recommend Doug Foresta’s program on building an authority platform and message through Podcasting. Doug’s structured approach and keen insights have enabled me to get on iTunes New & Noteworthy in the first 48 hours. My listening numbers grow week by week (2,000+ a day at the moment) , we have connected with leaders I never could of dreamed of normally, and are being featured in Leadership and Change management magazines and thought leadership blogs. All in the first 90 days.”

Tony Sherman
The Implementation Rabbi

“In the first two weeks of being on iTunes the podcast has been downloaded over 13,000 times.”

“In the first quarter of 2014 I decided to launch a podcast. Why? To reach a new audience with my message of squashing the glorification of busy! By following Doug’s carefully outlined tips, tweaks, and hints I reached #1 in New & Noteworthy in my category on July 4th and have held strong at #1 for a week thus far. On July 8th the podcast had over 3200 single-day downloads! Yes, 3200! In the first two weeks of being on iTunes the podcast has been downloaded over 13,000 times. I’ve been contacted many times over by people who would like to be interviewed on the show. I’ve had producers and editors contact me with offers of working with them. I’m getting requests to record audiobooks, too. The phenomenal success of the podcast, the stellar ranking and reviews, and the new listeners are all helping me spread my heart-centered message that Life’s Too Short not to live for today. Without Doug I would have struggled to get on iTunes, missed my opportunity to hit the rankings on New & Noteworthy, and never achieved these unbelievable results.”

Lisa Landtroop
Coach and Bestselling Author

“You get so much more with Doug!”

I had the opportunity to coach with Doug Foresta for my radio show, Healing Yourself with Lucinda Smith. It was a very rewarding experience! Doug knows the podcast business and provides excellent guidance through the maze of set up and the complete execution process. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! One of the things I loved about coaching with him is he never assumes the program is complete. He is always looking for ways to improve upon the content he already offers. You get so much more with Doug! If you can coach with him do it and if you cant then find a way!”

Lucinda Smith
Life Coach/Intuitive Healer

“Patience and compassion and a sense of humor”

“As a very right brain clinician and artist, I knew that the technical aspects of launching Podcasts would not come easily for me. Early on I resonated with Doug Foresta because of his emphasis on honing in on the core of our message, and the belief that we have something important to share. As my coach, he has also walked me through some steps that would have taken me days on my own, with patience and compassion and a sense of humor. I am so grateful to have Doug Foresta as my coach. i look forward to learning more from him about webinars and continuing to build my platform with his grounded, and inspirational guidance.”

Deborah Nielsen
Marriage and Family Therapist
Podcast Host “Start With Heart”

“Doug Foresta has my highest recommendation”

“Doug Foresta got me into radio. I’m an introvert. It never would have crossed my mind, but Doug showed me how. My first show was little more than a leap of faith. Doug showed tremendous leadership and generosity in getting me started. He even agreed to be the guest on my inaugural show. Very quickly, it became evident that this was a key part of my business and a way to connect with thought leaders across the globe. One day during my retreats, I met a woman named Maggie Baumer who had been unfairly treated in the online media, causing distress to her and her family. I realized I had a powerful story-telling tool at my fingertips. Knowing that the best way to beat a bad or false story is with one that is better and true, I had her on my show. That episode has 2,693 listens so far and Maggie has received support from people all over the world. With Doug’s guidance, I have been able to build my brand, make connections with amazing people, and give voice to those who wish to share their gifts or speak their truth. Doug Foresta has my highest recommendation and complete support.”

Jeff Rock
Founder & Chief Insight Officer
Swift River Coaching, LLC

“Doug is a true leader and I do not know where others like myself would be without his training.”

“I have had a goal for the past year of creating a podcast. Doug was a VERY vital person to lead me to achieving that goal in January 2015. Doug helped me take our podcast from #49 to hitting the top 10!! Doug is also coaching me on creating webinars to help get our message to the world. I do not know where our business would be without Doug’s passion of being in service. He is just one of those people who wears his heart on his sleeve and wants you to be successful not only in business but in life. I truly owe Doug so much for his help and look forward to the day I can truly repay Doug and I do not necessary mean in a financial way but more of taking his teachings and paying it forward to others. Doug is a true leader and I do not know where others like myself would be without his training.”

Tommy Maloney
Co-Host, Blending the Family

Doug Foresta, LICSW

Co-Founder of the 30 Day Podcasting Challenge

Host of The Coachzing Show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio

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